Installing Home Assistant on Proxmox is relatively straightforward thanks to a script by Whiskerz007 on GitHub.

I will not detail the steps here as they are pretty well documented both in the README and on the Home Assitant message boards.

This topic is about migrating the data from an existing Home Assistant installation into HassOS.

The complication is that HassOS mostly has a read-only file system and for whatever reason SCP is not working correctly.

The work around presented here is to mount the HassOS disk directly in Proxmox and rsync the files from the old intallation to the new one.

Finding HassOS Disk and Partition

The first thing that needs to be done is identify the ZFS volume that Proxmox put your HassOS install onto.

$ qm list
      VMID NAME                 STATUS     MEM(MB)    BOOTDISK(GB) PID       
       103 hassosova-4.12       running    1024               6.00 15517

My VMID is 103.

$ VMID=103
$ qm config $VMID | grep sata0:
sata0: pond-zfs:vm-103-disk-1,size=6G

My Proxmox storage volume is pond-zfs:vm-103-disk-1. Now interrogate the partitions.

$ DISK="pond-zfs:vm-103-disk-1"
$ fdisk -l $(pvesm path $DISK)
Disk /dev/zvol/pond/srv/proxmox/disk-image/vm-103-disk-1: 6 GiB, 6442450944 bytes, 12582912 sectors
Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 8192 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 8192 bytes / 8192 bytes
Disklabel type: gpt
Disk identifier: A7C7AC6E-1B3B-4BB8-9428-F43B64D7E79D

Device                                                  Start      End  Sectors  Size Type
/dev/zvol/pond/srv/proxmox/disk-image/vm-103-disk-1p1    2048    67583    65536   32M EFI System
/dev/zvol/pond/srv/proxmox/disk-image/vm-103-disk-1p2   67584   116735    49152   24M Linux filesystem
/dev/zvol/pond/srv/proxmox/disk-image/vm-103-disk-1p3  116736   641023   524288  256M Linux filesystem
/dev/zvol/pond/srv/proxmox/disk-image/vm-103-disk-1p4  641024   690175    49152   24M Linux filesystem
/dev/zvol/pond/srv/proxmox/disk-image/vm-103-disk-1p5  690176  1214463   524288  256M Linux filesystem
/dev/zvol/pond/srv/proxmox/disk-image/vm-103-disk-1p6 1214464  1230847    16384    8M Linux filesystem
/dev/zvol/pond/srv/proxmox/disk-image/vm-103-disk-1p7 1230848  1427455   196608   96M Linux filesystem
/dev/zvol/pond/srv/proxmox/disk-image/vm-103-disk-1p8 1427456 12582878 11155423  5.3G Linux filesystem

My partition is /dev/zvol/pond/srv/proxmox/disk-image/vm-103-disk-1p8. This is equivalent to $(pvesm path $DISK)-part8.


Now that it is known $(pvesm path $DISK)-part8 is the disk and partition. Need to mount it. Here I’ve chosen to mount it to /mnt/vm-$VMID-disk

$ blockdev --rereadpt $(pvesm path $DISK)
$ mkdir -p /mnt/vm-$VMID-disk
$ mount $(pvesm path $DISK)-part8 /mnt/vm-$VMID-disk


Here I am going to use rsync but realistically any copy mechansim should work.

The path to my original conf directory is /srv/home-assistant/conf/

$ rsync -avh --progress --delete --checksum /srv/home-assistant/conf/ /mnt/vm-$VMID-disk/supervisor/homeassistant


$ umount /mnt/vm-$VMID-disk
$ rm -rf /mnt/vm-$VMID-disk